Thais enraged over farang couple’s daytime sex romp on Pattaya beach drainpipe (VIDEO)

A viral video of a foreign couple unashamedly going at it atop a big pipe on Pattaya’s Dongtan Beach in Jomtien, shot at 8am on Sunday, has Thais seeing red.

This is far from the first time foreigners have been caught doing something of this nature. This couple had sex in a Phuket tuk-tuk and later got caught, while these two hooked up on a Koh Samui beach among a pack of stray dogs, this dynamic duo saw fit to just do the deed on a dirty, rainy footbridge in Rayong, and don’t forget the oral action by this twosome in a doorway on Koh Phi Phi’s Walking Street.

Many Thais commented that acts like this have to stop since they disrespect the local culture while other compared the couple to dogs and asked why they don’t go to their hotel. Of course, foreign viewers saw fit to make endless jokes along the lines of “Looks like he was laying the pipe.”

The original 31-second clip was widely shared online — where the Pattaya Police got wind of it as well. Sophon Cable reported that hundreds of people watched the early morning beach spectacle.

Workers for Pattaya Marine and Coastal Rescue Center said the couple were drunk and walking on the beach just moments before they decided to stop and enjoy an intimate moment, according to Sanook.

Beach workers blew whistles to try to get them to stop, so they did, simply getting up and walking away.

It is unknown where the couple are from but, if they can be found, police plan to prosecute them. So far, they have visited the site to collect intelligence on the case. Photos and footage of that visit show one officer straddling the pipe and another one pointing at it.

It was noted that this looks bad for the seaside city and it’s ongoing attempt to rebrand itself from Thailand’s Sin City into a family-friendly resort town.

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One thought on “Thais enraged over farang couple’s daytime sex romp on Pattaya beach drainpipe (VIDEO)

  1. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree that this is not a great reflection on tourists or what you should be getting up to in public in the day on a beach in thailand (or anywhere). Pattaya is a whores playground so its not totally surprising, and also how come you don’t hear of thais getting anywhere near so outraged when a theres a farang found raped and murdered??

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