Thailand’s Office of National Buddhism on hunt for hunky monk after six-pack pics go viral

Photo: Facebook/  Surasek Kwatijak
Photo: Facebook/ Surasek Kwatijak

Here’s two things that don’t appear in the same sentence very often: monk and abs (of steel, as it were). And yet here we are.

The Office of National Buddhism (ONaB) this morning ordered an investigation of an unidentified individual who’s become known in social media as the “six-pack monk” after a series of photos, that clerical authorities find entirely too sexy, went viral.

The photos, which were originally shared by Surasek Kwatijak on his Facebook page on Saturday, have since become a trending topic online.

“Though working out isn’t really part of a monk’s daily routine, I’ll let it pass this once,” writes Surasek, who, according to his Facebook photos, really loves shirtless hunks — this hunk’a hunk’a burnin’ monk apparently included.

In the photos, a shirtless man wearing, what appears to be, to be an orange monk’s robe, is seen flexing with a weight in his hand.

Photo: Facebook/  Surasek Kwatijak
Photo: Facebook/ Surasek Kwatijak

Surasek has told local media that he randomly found photos of the ripped monk on Twitter and doesn’t know where they’re from. Clearly, this is a job for the Office of National Buddhism.

The office’s deputy director, Narong Songarom, told Khaosod that the Buddhist protection group and related agencies in every province has been ordered to investigate the photos and hunt for the mysterious monk.

Narong suspects that the man may not actually be a real monk but if he was, he’d be in violation of the 1962 Sangha Act, which outlines how a monk in Thailand must behave.

If the ripped monk is found, he’ll simply be disciplined for his “inappropriateness.” Do you hear that, Abs McGee? Just make it easy on yourself and turn yourself in for some pagoda-style discipline.

Photo: Facebook/  Surasek Kwatijak
Photo: Facebook/ Surasek Kwatijak

The organization also appealed to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society to ban the distribution and sharing of the scandalous pics. Even though it is not a serious criminal offense, it could tarnished people’s faith in Buddhism, said Narong. (Editor: Or make us feel bad about our lack of a six-pack.)

For those who’ve never heard of the ONaB, they are a government agency, reporting directing to the prime minister, that is responsible for the administration of religion and religious affairs.  

Sorry guys, no separation of church and state in Thailand.

Meanwhile, comments from netizens appear to be a mix of admiration for the chiseled abs and anger at the alleged misbehavior.

“What temple is he at? I want to go make a lot of merits,” wrote a commenter.

“This is a sin!” was another, slightly more hysterical, take.

So what do you think Coconauts? Should this honky monk get cuffed?

Photo: Facebook/  Surasek Kwatijak
Photo: Facebook/ Surasek Kwatijak
Photo: Facebook/  Surasek Kwatijak
Photo: Facebook/ Surasek Kwatijak

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