Thailand’s first Dunkin Donuts drive-thru is open for business (PHOTOS)

Photo: Facebook/ Dunkin’ Donuts Thai

Donuts without getting out of your car? We’re living in a truly wondrous modern age, folks.

The experience comes courtesy of Dunkin’ Donuts, which at the beginning of the month opened its first drive-thru in Thailand. You’ll find it at the swank (by rest-stop standards) Porto Go rest-stop along the road in Ayutthaya’s Bang Pa-in district.

Photo: Facebook/ Dunkin’ Donuts Thai

At the Sept. 1 opening ceremony, Nadim Xavier Salhani, CEO of Mudman Public Company Ltd., the country’s authorized franchisor for Dunkin’, explained to Ryt9 that drive-thrus are a rapidly growing trend in Thailand given that convenience is becoming a key element in people’s lives.

According to Salhani, Dunkin’ Donuts has been looking for ways to diversify its experience in the last three quarters. There are currently 300 Dunkin’ Donuts stores in Thailand, with 125 so-called concept stores.

Those stores, which include the new drive-thru, feature expanded menus including new beverages like “100 percent Arabian Coffee,” hot sandwiches and other baked goods.

Nobklao Trakoolpan, managing director of Golden Donuts Thailand Co Ltd, (Dunkin’ Donuts) added that this branch will also include a co-working area, making it “the largest Dunkin’ Donuts store with a drive-thru in the Asia Pacific”, according to Manager.

Photo: Facebook/ Porto Go Bang Pa-In
Photo: Facebook/Porto Go Bang Pa-In

The old capital of Ayutthaya has become a popular day-trip spot for both Thais and tourists, after becoming the setting for the record-smashing hit Thai drama, Buppesannivas, which aired earlier this year.

Porto Go is located on the highway that connects Bangkok to Ayutthaya.

Photo: Facebook/ Dunkin' Donuts Thai
Photo: Facebook/ Dunkin’ Donuts Thai

Of course, for the truest Dunkin experience, you’ll need to go the United States, ideally Massachusetts.


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