Thailand ranks among countries with slowest mobile internet

Photo: Nopphan Bunnag/ Flickr
Photo: Nopphan Bunnag/ Flickr

Downloading music on your smartphone is a pain, and streaming videos is nearly impossible. So it’s no surprise that Thailand ranks near the bottom in terms of mobile internet speed, according to a chart released this month.

Out of 87 surveyed countries, Thailand was shamefully in 70th place in the Global State of Mobile Networks chart conducted by OpenSignal, a mobile company based in London. With our overall mobile internet speed of 6.09 Mbps, Thailand is officially named among the countries with the slowest internet in the world. Ouch.

Source: OpenSignal

The chart, detailing overall download speeds from different countries and the performance differences between them, spans a wide range. The fastest country in the ranking is South Korea with an impressive average downloading speed of 37.5 Mbps.

Norway, Hungary and Singapore also have overall speed averages higher than 30 Mbps.

Meanwhile, the worst places to use mobile internet would be Costa Rica, the Philippines, Venezuela, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, respectively.

While 4G continues to extend its reach and speed across the globe, Wifi remains an important mobile portal as well. In 38 countries, smartphone users were found to have spent more time connected to Wifi than they did to cellular networks.

No country tops the Netherlands when it comes to time spent on Wifi. Users in that country are connected to Wifi access points 68.5 percent of the time. Meanwhile, Thais only spend 35.8 percent of their time connected to Wifi, which comes off as a bit of a surprise considering how slow our mobile internet is.

Maybe we’re so used to the slow connection that we don’t even notice?


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