Thailand devastated by death of 2nd orphan sea baby

Jamil, the 2nd rescued orphan sea baby dies.  Photo: Savethailay / Twitter
Jamil, the 2nd rescued orphan sea baby dies. Photo: Savethailay / Twitter

People were deep in mourning today over the second baby dugong to die in the care of marine caretakers this week.

People were eulogizing the death of Jamil last night at a research center in Phuket, which came five days Mariam, another orphaned dugong who had become a beloved national sensation, died under similar circumstances.

“Mariam, you lovely maiden of the sea and Jamil, you handsome prince of the ocean, please take good care of each other in heaven,” user Hey_iamtarn tweeted last night.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha meets Jamil last month in Phuket. Photo: ThaiGov
Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha meets Jamil last month in Phuket. Photo: ThaiGov

Marine biologists apologized for losing him, saying he died after undergoing a procedure to remove seagrass clogging his digestive system.

“When Jami went into shock, his heart stopped beating. Though a team of doctors rushed to give him CPR, they were unable to revive him and little Jamil left us peacefully at 9.43pm,” the marine department wrote on its Facebook page last night. 

Jamil was weak, exhausted and wounded in July when he washed ashore in Krabi. He was about 3 months old at the time.

Mariam, who was rescued back in April in the waters of southern Thailand, died Saturday of heart failure complicated by an infection caused by plastic debris in her stomach

Baby Mariam’s death to be a wake-up call for environmental, wildlife conservation

Marine officials also apologized to Princess Sirivannavari, who gave the boy dugong his name, which means  “handsome sea prince” in the Yawi language. 

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The department thanked those who cared for the two dugongs during the last several months and vowed to do their best to protect and care for the nation’s sea life.

Mariam’s death prompted officials this week to declare plans to increase awareness, and more relevantly, protected areas for the animals, which were once plentiful in numbers but have fallen to an estimated 250. 

On social media, the goodwill generated by the gentle sea creatures plight, drew many condolences.

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One thought on “Thailand devastated by death of 2nd orphan sea baby

  1. Thais are upset well let them be. Thais use plastic and litter like there is no tomorrow and then wonder why tourists are leaving en masse and all the sea life like this dugong are dying. If the Thais cared so much then they should change their own habits and demand better environmental standards. I saw 20 Thais in a row the other day on Silom Road all carrying plastic bagged food with plastic bags inside, all full of their fattening sugary snacks. How about using a recyclable container or is that too difficult to do?

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