Thai MP zooming in on boobs in parliament thought woman might need ‘help’

A member of the ruling Palang Pracharath Party today fessed up to checking out some nudes in the parliament, but perhaps taking a cue a colleague who claimed smuggled heroin was “just flour,” the MP said he just thought the topless maiden “needed his help.”

Caught red-handed by a reporter zooming in and out of the image for at least 10 minutes, Chonburi representative Ronnathep Anuwat said that he didn’t know the girl, but she had sent him a plea for help – followed by the nude, of course. As he explained it, he was trying to ascertain her motives during yesterday’s session, and when it became clear she wanted money, he deleted “all the pictures.”

Ronnathep said that the reason he was zooming in and out and in and out over and again was to “observe the environment surrounding the girl in the picture to determine whether she was being harassed by some gangsters and forced to take this kind of picture or not.” What a mensch.

Ronnathep said he’d already explained everything to party elders.

“I was warned to be careful, so I told my party that I didn’t understand her objectives because the initial messages sent weren’t this pic!” he said.

Assembly President Chuan Leekpai said no committee would be convened to review what happened because it was a personal matter. He noted that there are no rules about what people could watch in the meeting room.

The Thai parliament’s history of being some kind of hub of porn came to a head in several years back.

In 2012, Bangkok rep Nat Bantadtan was photographed as he flipped through porn pics on his phone during a debate on rewriting the constitution. In April of that year, porn was briefly projected onto the main display during a session. It was Pheu Thai MP Pongpan Sunthornpan’s turn in the barrel a year later for enjoying some Not-Safe-For-Lawmaking pics.


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