Thai man punches female sales clerk after iPhone X doesn’t detect his face (VIDEO)

Screenshot: Facebook page “I’ll arrange your fame”
Screenshot: Facebook page “I’ll arrange your fame”

A 23-year-old Bangkok man was caught on video punching a female sales clerk in the face at an Apple retailer yesterday, after she refused to replace his iPhone X, which, allegedly, does not properly detect his face.

In CCTV footage posted to Facebook last night, the man, identified by local media only as “Arm,” can be seen arguing with a sales clerk in front of the storage room at Studio 7 at Central Pinklao shopping mall, before shoving her away from the door and punching her.

Arm claimed he purchased an iPhone X from the same store the day before only to find that the new device wouldn’t scan his face, reported Thairath. He came back yesterday intending to either get it replaced or ask for his money back.

When the Studio 7 clerk checked the purchased phone, however, they couldn’t detect anything wrong with it — including the scanning feature, which reportedly worked fine.

The employee told the Arm that, according to the store’s terms and conditions, a fully functioning iPhone cannot be replaced or refunded.

Studio 7 declined Coconuts’ request for comment.

An infuriated Arm caused a commotion before heading toward the door of the store’s storage room — most likely in an attempt to grab another device himself.

The female employee that tried to stop him by blocking the doorway got the brunt of his anger.

To make matters worse, the man refused to go quietly. Another video of the aftermath is also going viral, showing him parading around the store loudly announcing his “misfortune.”


“They did not exchange an iPhone X for me! I bought it yesterday! Don’t buy an iPhone X!” he yells to the crowd.

In the video, when employees gather to question why he punched a girl, the man dares the them to “report it to the police.”

“She pinched me first … she pinched my arm,” he says to the crowd.

“Come at me. I’m not scared … I’m never scared” he declares. Hoo boy.

Within 12 hours of being posted, more than 1.4 million netizens had viewed the video, leaving hundreds of disapproving comments.

“The feature isn’t broken. Apple designed the phone to scan a human’s face — not a monster,” one comment said. Zing!

This isn’t the first incident involving bad customers that Studio 7 employees have had to endure. Just a few weeks ago, they busted another customer watching porn on a store display MacBook. He turned out to be a serial public porn viewer, if an informal survey of neighborhood computer shops we conducted is any indication.

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