Thai man goes into bathroom to find monitor lizard chilling on toiletry shelves

Photo: Sanook
Photo: Sanook

Today a Thai man walked into his bathroom to find a large monitor lizard hanging out on his toiletry shelves at his home outside of Bangkok.

Kimkhun Likitwattanaset, 81, who lives in Samut Songkhram, said he was saying prayers when he heard a loud bang come from his bathroom today, so he went to inspect.

But when he opened the door, he found a two-meter-long monitor lizard “clinging onto his bathroom wall like a gecko.”

“So I just locked it in there,” the Thai man said calmly, “Obviously, it climbed the wall and knocked over stuff everywhere.”

Photo: Sanook

While the rest of us would flip out and probably need at least 20 minutes to calm down, Khimkhun was pretty cool about the whole monitor lizard incident. He even stood there and took a picture of the lizard with his mobile phone.

Photo: Sanook

Kimkhun called up local rescue volunteers, who came to his house and tied the monitor lizard up with a rope. It took only 10 minutes for them to catch the reptile and carry it to their pickup truck, T News reported.

The volunteers released the lizard back into nature.

It was unclear how a plump minor lizard snuck into Khimkhun’s bathroom, since it seems unlikely for the creature to have crawled through the toilet like snakes do.

In 2016, Thailand had a toilet snake epidemic, where several people randomly found pythons and cobras emerging from their toilets — in one case, a homeowner was bitten in the penis during his morning bowel movement.

Though we cannot say this was monitor lizard to sneak into people’s bathroom. Last year, a woman in Lopburi province also found a 3-meter-long lizard sleeping on top of her squat toilet.



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