Thai govt introduces ‘Miss Pinky’ mascot of ‘unity’ who will tell you what not to do

Photo: Sanook
Photo: Sanook

When the theme songs and poems of the prime minister failed to rid the nation of political differences, Thailand’s military government came up with a new approach — a much cuter one — to create bonds between Thai people.

The Ministry of Defense introduced “Nong Kiewkoi,” which translates to “Miss Pinky,” to the press yesterday as a national mascot of “unity.” Defense spokesman Lt. Gen. Kongcheep Tantrawanich said he hopes Miss Pinky will encourage unity between Thai people and build “conscience in what to do and what not to do.”


“The government and the private sectors will start projects to encourage unity. We will continuously launch activities,” he said.

There will also be Miss Pinky stickers handed out to the public soon, in case you want one.

How did they come up with Miss Pinky? First off, the government views females as the “non-violent gender” while a pinky finger is a symbol of friendliness.

The big heart on the front of her dress reflects how Thai people’s hearts unite in one, according to Voice TV.

Although, some netizens pointed out that Miss Pinky’s look may have been largely inspired by Thailand’s first lady Pongpan Chan-ocha.

Earlier this year, the ministry also released a song titled “Unity,” but it didn’t quite catch on. The lyrics said, “Over 10 years, how much time have we wasted? Why are we divided? Thai people should love each other. We should learn from history. Let’s work together in moving Thailand forward. Be united. We’re a family.”

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