Thai girls perform sexy funeral dance to send friend off to heaven (VIDEO)

Screenshot: Kodhere/ Facebook
Screenshot: Kodhere/ Facebook

A video of four Thai women dancing provocatively (well, somewhat provocatively) to upbeat EDM music at their friend’s funeral has gone viral this week.

“Young women dancing to send their friend to heaven at her cremation,” reads the caption to the clip, which has been viewed by more than 706,000 people and shared more than 5,000 times since being posted to a local Facebook page yesterday.

In the video, four women dressed in black can be seen rocking their club dance moves in front of an alter that appears to be where their friend was cremated, as a crowd stands and watches.

Another woman, who appears to be crying into her T-shirt, can be seen sitting on a white SUV behind them that’s blasting loud EDM music, complete with synced flashing rave lights.

Though no further details have been provided, commenters were quick to label the women, including the one who passed away, “coyotes” — a Thai term for women who dance to entertain customers at establishments ranging from nightclubs to seafood restaurants.

The video received mixed reactions, with some netizens criticizing how “inappropriate” the dance was for a temple, and others preferring to see the humor in the situation.

“It seems like you guys are happy your friend died,” said one commenter.

“My friend loves to drink. Whenever he dies, I’m handing out liquor for people,” wrote another.

So what do you think? Charming or distasteful?

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