Thai beauty tuber jokes about invading Ukraine to pimp products, internet isn’t happy

A popular online vendor enraged the internet today by making light of escalating violence in Ukraine in an attempt to sell her beauty products.

Pimradaporn “PimryPie” Benjawattanapat’s attempt to garner interest in her THB590 shower creams by making light of the Russian invasion backfired, but won a bigger response for her ill-timed jest.

“I am Vladimir Putin’s wife. I am here to tell you that our army is ready to invade Ukraine,” PimryPie told the hundreds watching her Facebook live stream yesterday. “I need your help by buying all three fragrances of JMella. By buying any fragrance, once we win this war, I will quickly deliver it to you.”

Naturally, a swarm of angry internet condemnations poured in, calling the famous influencer with a 700,000+ following (not to be confused with PearyPie) ignorant and insensitive to a conflict in which thousands have already died. The hashtag #PimryPie began going viral, with many lecturing her about the severity of the situation.

“You think it’s FUNNY HUH?” Urmysonofabitch tweeted in response with a video of bombings that occurred in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

An international news site that operates in Thailand tweeted with a handful of images of children affected by the war. 

“You joked about the Ukrainian-Russian war for the sake of selling it in a funny way,” The World Reviews tweeted. “And how do you look at these children? Are you ashamed?”

There were also many condescending remarks for PimryPie, whose humble origins are part of her personal brand’s core appeal: 

“Zombies eat brains, don’t worry you’re safe,” read one.

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