Talismans of Power: Taxi dashboard subculture on display at Kathmandu Gallery

When riding through Bangkok in taxis, visitors may notice dashboards filled with talismans of power such as pendants or amulets.

Sitting in the taxi passenger seat for eight years and obsessed with the cabbies’ good-luck pieces, Dale Konstanz documented the phenomenon in a book, “Thai Taxi Talismans.”

Starting on Saturday, Konstanz’ pictures will be on display at “Reflection / Protection” at Kathmandu Photo Gallery.

The opening reception starts at 6:30pm and runs through the end of June.

Entry is free. The gallery is about 10 minutes walk from BTS Surasak.



Reflections / Protections

Kathmandu Photo Gallery

Pan Road, Silom

11am – 7pm, May 3 – June 29 (Closed on Mondays)


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