Sweet Dreams: Thai gov’t hopes spraying sugar-infused water will beat smog

Screenshot: Morning News
Screenshot: Morning News

Desperate to find a solution to the country’s ongoing air pollution crisis, the Thai government is implementing a novel — and some would argue questionable — new strategy: spraying sugar-infused water into the heavens.

While air pollution levels were soaring in Samut Sakhon Province yesterday afternoon, sugary water was sprayed into the air above the province’s Mueang district in hopes of increasing the viscosity and eliminating some of the fine dust particles, reported Kapook.

If that sounds odd to you, you’re not alone.

Kasetsart University organic chemistry professor Dr. Weerachai Putthawong today expressed his doubts about this um … sweet new strategy.

He said that the water pressure of the equipment that has been used is too strong for the concept to be effective. What’s worse are the potential side effects of the strategy.

By combining the water with sugar, government officials are putting the streets at risk of developing mold, he told Workpoint.

As non-chemists who are no fans of bug bites, we also want to pose another really important question: Do we really want a bunch of ants getting high off of all that sugar?

While this might be the first time sugar’s been added to the mix, spraying water has already drawn criticism from the public since the smog crisis began. Just last Tuesday, many Bangkokians took to social media with complaints when spraying around the Asok Phetchaburi Junction left the streets covered in a thin puddle.

Asok Phetchaburi Junction. Photo: Facebook/ FM91 Traffic Pro
Asok Phetchaburi Junction. Photo: Facebook/ FM91 Traffic Pro

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