Spanish tourist telling Thais to clean up their country or lose tourists goes viral (VIDEO)

A video of a Spanish tourist telling Thais to better care for their country or risk losing tourist dollars has gone viral after being shot and posted by a Thai man.

The 2:30 clip has amassed 146,000 views.

In it, tourist Albaro Perreiro sits on a beach in shorts, a T-shirt, and sunglasses and makes some points to Thai people. He mentioned that he is on his first vacation in Thailand and how disappointed he is by the dirty, trash-filled Thai beaches he found in what he expected to be paradise.

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He mentioned the cigarette butts, plastic, paper, and other garbage littering the beach that he’d saved his money to see and said,  “You are making a lot of money from tourism, revenues are very high”, he said.

He predicted that, if the country stays on the path it is on, with trash being thrown on beaches and into the sea, in ten years, tourists will no longer visit Thailand in the numbers they do now.

While some commenters loved Perreiro’s “adorable accent,” many others posted angry remarks that he should not place all the blame on Thais.

“Don’t blame anyone. It’s useless. We should think about what to do, and how to make changes,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Aren’t the tourists the ones who dump all this garbage? Some beaches are just full of tourists,” another user said.

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Perreiro advised the Thai police to station officers on the beach to fine people that leave garbage. He advised a high fine of THB100,000 in order to stop the beach mess and warned that tourists are fickle and, if the country remains in the state it is in today, vacationers will think nothing of taking their holidays in the next hot tropical destination.

He closes his message by speaking directly to Thai people: “Take care of your country! I am disappointed and angry at all the things I have seen over the last days. Thank you and bye-bye.”

He said that he hopes his message reaches those in power in Thailand.

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