The secret lives of Bangkok’s tomboy hosts

Thailand’s increasingly diverse sexual orientation scene has reportedly sparked a new profession among college students: the tomboy host. These tomboys (women who dress and behave like men) will accompany their female customers to dinner, clubbing, and if they both agree, sex – all for the right price.

Tomboy hosts usually work for an agency that operates through the internet. Customers are required to contact the agency and pay upfront, and what distinguishes hosts from common prostitutes is the fact that some hosts do not even sleep with the customers and only need play the “boyfriend” role to help alleviate the client’s loneliness.

One college student in Chonburi province said that she has been a tomboy host for two years to earn money for her tuition. Most of her customers are women with jobs who will pay for every single activity on their date.

“The golden rule is I cannot stay in contact with customers although some of them are very beautiful. Every phone call has to be made through agency,” she said.

She said she is not ashamed to be a host and happy to offer good company for lonely women, some of whom have had problems in their life. She is willing to talk to her customers and make them relaxed. As for sex, she feels that being a tomboy allows her to behave freely like a man: “I am a pleasure giver, so it is OK.”

Aside from tomboy hosts, there are also dy hosts  – dy (pronounced “dee”)  refers to women who prefers tomboys. A 21-year-old dy host in Bangkok said she only has sex with customers with which she is familiar. Most customers she meets only need company for a meal.

“My agency would tell me the date and time to meet my customer, and I cannot talk to customers before or after the date. I rarely sleep with them because as you see I play the female role on the date. I only feel right to have sex with the customers I’m accustomed with,” she said.

One agent said that tomboy host services first became popular in Japan, and she decided to start one in Thailand to fix the misconception that they only offer intercourse here. Most clubs on the Internet just offer straight-up prostitution, she said,  but the girls in her club have good manners and have been trained to offer sophisticated company.

Her agency has been operating the business for five years and used to have a public-access office in Raminthra. At the moment she only contacts  customers on the Internet and with the Line application. Now there are 52 tomboy hosts and 32 dy hosts in her club, most of whom are college students. The targeted customers range from 15-50 years old, she says.

“Most customers are hi-so girls who work hard and don’t have time for a relationship. They have to transfer a fee and a copy of their ID before they can meet a host to guarantee my girls’ safety.”

She added her club is strictly for female customers and she does not worry about STDs as most women are quite careful about sex, Sunandha News reported.

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