Runner suspects water bottle poisoning at metro Bangkok park

A Bangkok man warning other runners that someone tried to poison him at a park in the capital’s northwestern outskirts said today he’s awaiting a final report on his blood results.

Wirot Silabaht told Coconuts Bangkok that police asked him to photograph his water bottles every day after he filed a complaint that someone put something into his unattended bottle left on a bench Friday at the Makut Rommayasaran Park near the Nonthaburi Provincial Court.

In a warning posted on social media to other runners, Wirot said it was about 8:30pm when he returned from a half hour run to the bench, located near a field used to play takraw, that he drank from the unopened bottle and noticed it tasted different.

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“I didn’t suspect anything at first because I always drink this brand, so I drank one third of it and took it with me back to my office,” he wrote. “Then when I was in the office, I felt my body acting weird. I felt my head spinning and shortness of breath. I felt nauseous  and almost blacked out, so I asked others to take me to a hospital.”

The bottle was found to have been pierced with a small hole near the cap, he wrote in his account. After scans and tests, a doctor there told him he had likely consumed something poisonous.

Wirot said he bought the bottle from his usual vendor stall near a park restroom, leading him to believe it was the work of a would-be thief.

“I thought this was a plan by a thief to drug runners and then steal their things. Runners’ watches and smartphones cost a lot,” he wrote.

His message was widely shared and drew many comments from people saying they also leave their bottles unattended.

“Now I have to check water every time before I drink,” user Amiko Sayuri wrote.

“Bad economy comes with more robbers. Beware, everyone,” said Add Jirasak.


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