Road Rage: Thai man punches Aussie in front of his daughter, accuses expat of trying to ‘kill him’

Screenshots: Siamchon News
Screenshots: Siamchon News

UPDATE: New video has emerged showing Sumet Roongrattanapan being run into by a car driven by Australian Gerald Collins, who previously confronted him with a machete.

A Pattaya man knocked an Aussie septuagenarian to the ground with single left hook — in front of the police and a crowd of children including the expat’s 8-year-old daughter — after following him to the girl’s school after a traffic altercation.

Sumet Roongrattanapan, 28, told police that his Honda collided with the Aussie’s Nissan outside Soi Kor Pai in Pattaya. But instead of talking it out, Sumet claimed that 72-year-old Gerard Collins started the argument by rolling down his window and flipping him off.

Sumet said he then got out of his car to find the expat armed with a 1-meter-long knife. The Aussie allegedly attempted to slash him — an assertion that remains unconfirmed — leaving Sumet with scratches all over his two arms, which he showed to police.

“He slashed me! That’s not enough. He smashed my car!” Sumet told reporters, adding he stepped back and let Collins get back into his car and drive away.

In the aftermath of the accident, Sumet called police but then followed Collins to Aksorn Suksa School, where the expat was picking up his 8-year-old daughter. The fight quickly resumed, Siamchon News reported.

“I have clip! I have clip!” the Thai man yelled to the Aussie in English. “You wanna kill me!” Sumet showed a video from his phone to the police.

In front of a hundred schoolchildren as well as arriving police, Sumet delivered a left hook that busted the senior Aussie’s nose and sent him to the ground. Sumet’s wife, who showed up at the school, screamed for her husband to not throw another punch while Collins’ daughter cried in terror.

The poor 8-year-old girl, whose name was withheld, acted as a translator for the reporters. She said that her dad took out the knife only to protect himself because Sumet wanted to hurt him.

“My dad said, ‘Don’t do it! Don’t do it!’ My dad only took out the knife to protect himself. He did not hurt anyone,” the little girl told reporters.

Police also found that the windshield of Collins’ car had been shattered, suggesting there’s more to the story.

Police sent the pair to the hospital, as both were injured. Neither of them have been charged, as police are looking to question witnesses and check CCTV cameras in the area to determine what exactly went down.

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  1. As clearly seen on the video tha Thai man attacked the old Farang without reason in front of the policeman. Why hasn´t this thug been arrested???

    • The good question would be, why this farang is carying a machete and was threatening the Thai couples just for a small incident?
      He deserved it

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