Revelations redone: Nostradamus lady discusses failed Apocalypse

Unless we missed something, last week was noticeably lacking in the sinkholes, collapsing buildings and fires which were supposed to kill many Bangkokians, according to one woman’s prophecy.

In a new interview, the “Thai female Nostradamus” is standing by her doomsday predictions – maybe just not the timing – which were heavily discussed online after she predicted they would hit Bangkok between Feb. 13 and 18 in an interview earlier this month on the popular talk show “Woody Talk.”

After all, 11 construction workers died in a building collapse in Bang Phli district on Tuesday, and a sink hole did swallow eight cars at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, two weeks ago.

After disappearing from the media, WoodyTalk got a hold of Dr. Kanjira Kanjanaket for an interview which aired Wednesday morning.

Asked if she avoided the public during the dates of possible apocalypse, Dr. Kanjira reveals she meditated at home to help lead people to the light.

“I meditated at home, and I only took calls from my secretary,” Kanjira said, “I also became a rescue volunteer to help the dead find their way. The afterlife is scary, you know? It’s a very dark and rough path as if you walk through a small alley at night. Some people don’t have a light leading them.”

She also defended the strength of her powerful gift.

“I never hide from anyone. Everything I see, it happens. Don’t say I’m wrong just yet. It’s only a matter of time,” she added

And don’t worry, she’s still sure our doom coming, just not when:

“I always tell everyone I’d rather be embarrassed than see lives lost. There is one sinkhole in America and a small one in Bangkok, but those are not what I saw. The sinkhole I saw was very large and it sucked in houses.”

Kanjira also added she wasn’t making an excuse for her failed prediction.

“I don’t make excuses,” she said. “I am not a prisoner of the society. I came out and warned people to be aware of what might happen and to be careful in every step of their life.”

Watch as some vintage Corvettes disappear into the ground:


Apocalypse Quite Soon: ‘Female Nostradamus’ warns Bangkok’s doom is days away

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