Reptilian Rumble: Giant monitor lizard fights python in middle of Thai university (VIDEO)

Photo: Facebook/ Marisa Kbg
Photo: Facebook/ Marisa Kbg

If you thought McGregor vs. Mayweather was the cross-discipline fight of the century, then you probably haven’t seen this cross-species rumble yet.

A thrilling series of videos showing an epic showdown between a python and a giant monitor lizard has gone viral.

The fight is said to have taken place in the middle of a Mahidol University — you know, Thailand’s No. 1 university.

In the clips posted by Mahidol student (who goes by Marisa Kbg on Facebook), an almost comically large monitor lizard can be seen circling a python, who’s apparently trying to take a bite at the scaly creature.

Meanwhile another, equally gigantic, monitor lizard stands nearby and … well, frankly, we don’t know what it’s doing but it appears to be cheerleading. So sweet.

Screenshot: Facebook/ Marisa Kbg
Screenshot: Facebook/ Marisa Kbg

“This is the most exciting thing that’s happened since I started studying here,” Marisa captions her post.

While it’s unclear who started the fight, it certainly seemed like the python wanted to finish it.

However, bloodsport fans likely didn’t get the ending they were hoping for. In the following video, the snake can be seen being captured and put in a bag by rescuers, leaving us to wonder just who would have won had things been allowed to take their course.

The series of videos have earned more than a million total views in just one day. Although we have no clue what actually happened to the two monitor lizards, knowing the lizard culture here, we believe the university may have just let them crawl back into the pond.

After all, Mahidol wouldn’t be the first university keeping monitor lizards as pets. Students at Silpakorn University, which is known for its art program, are even feeding the reptiles, causing at least one of them to grow to the size of an alligator.


Internet amazed by giant monitor lizard at Silpakorn University

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