Internet amazed by giant monitor lizard at Silpakorn University

Photo: Kidtam/ Facebook
Photo: Kidtam/ Facebook

A photo of a large monitor lizard at Silpakorn University, in Nakhon Pathom, was shared repeatedly on Facebook over the weekend. Students at the artsy university, however, simply shrugged it off and said that it’s just another day at the Sanamchandra Palace Campus.

Everyone who lives in Thailand is used to seeing monitor lizards, but not one this large. The  photo of this monstrous creature, shared by entertainment Facebook page Kidtam, received over 8,000 shares since Saturday.

Some people even believed the pic was Photoshopped, but nope, the students of Silpakorn flocked to the comments section to report their incidents with large lizards at the university.

Obviously, they get this big because people are feeding them…like ducks at a pond.

“It’s not Photoshopped. I go to Silpakorn. They [the monitor lizards here] are at least two meters long. The largest one I’ve seen is almost 3 meters long and very fat. People feed them too,” Pangnum Salapao wrote.

As Silpakorn University is famous for their art program, another graduate told of his artistic experience with a lizard.

“One time I was drawing by the pond. I was so into it. Then the big dude came above the water, acting like he wanted to come onto the shore. I stared at him. He stared at me. We were both perplexed. After ten seconds, he dived into the water, and I got back to drawing. Win-win situation,” Zuparerk Sornwit wrote.

Leave it to art students to find joy and beauty even in a massive monitor lizard.

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