Pup’s Best Friend: Sweet soldier stars in viral video giving life-saving CPR to puppy (VIDEO)

Photo and video: Tongchana Paeloy/Facebook
Photo and video: Tongchana Paeloy/Facebook

A Thai soldier posted a video of his friend performing a selfless act on Friday, saving the life of a newborn puppy on the verge of drowning to death by using standard first-aid techniques modified for his tiny patient.

Nearly 12 million people went online this weekend to watch soldier-recruit Weeraphon Sukudom save the puppy after the video, posted by Tongchana Paeloy, was shared by popular viral Facebook page Drama Addict.

In the clip, Weeraphon  is seen performing a modified Heimlich maneuver on the puppy, trying to get it breathing while his friends offer advice and encouragement from off-camera. When that does not work, he gives the tiny dog CPR.

A maneuver like this takes skill, after all, the newborn puppy appears to weigh just a few ounces and the large man would have to be very careful not to apply too much pressure or force.

Shockingly, Weeraphon said he learned to do CPR years ago but had never used it on a struggling human or animal before.  

The litter of puppies lived in a garage near their barracks. In the recent torrential rains, the garage flooded and the mother did not get to this pup in time. When the young soldiers found the two-day-old pup, it was blue.

Throughout the clip, watchers can hear the rain pouring down in the background. At one point, the cameraman moves the camera off the puppy and we can see that the entire place they are in is flooded with water that must be coming up to their ankles or even their knees.

Thankfully, the pup is okay now and the quick-thinking young man has been complimented online by many, who called him a great example.


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