Prayuth: Thai will become world language

Thailand is destined for greatness, that’s what the junta leader and prime minister believes.

In his speech at the Excellent Youths Awards yesterday, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha told the kids that English is an important language and everyone should not be shy to speak it, but behold…Thai may become a world language when the country is successfully reformed, VoiceTV reported.

“The most common language is English for sure. If Thai was a world language, we would have been a powerful country,” Prayuth said as the entire room burst into laughter.

“Is there a chance Thai will become a world language? Yes, if you do what I say! In the future, Thai may become a world language. You know many people learn Thai. They say it’s very difficult. It has a bunch of vowels…and 44 letters, right? What else? 24 vowels? English only has A E I O U,” he said.

“One Thai word can mean many things. That’s what we should be proud of!” Prayuth added.

Don’t laugh it off just yet. We have seen lots of foreigners who have become fluent. Even this Parisian vendor is speaking Thai! Kao jai mai ka?

In the future, we may actually get to the point where a farang will not become famous simply because they speak Thai on social media. A few honorable mentions are My Mate Nate and Jack Dek Farang.

Are you for real? Photo: Jack Brown


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