#PrayforAnna: Thai food leaves tourist ‘paralyzed’ (VIDEO)

After spending a spectacular day with her Thai boyfriend, a winsome woman ends up paralyzed in bed, unable to move or speak.

A tongue-in-cheek spoof of viral-video campaigns, “Pray for Anna” is a warning to the tourists out there about the delicious dangers of overindulging in all of Thailand’s mouth-watering food in a video publicized this week by “Taya Soon.”

It could very well be the work of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and if so is a big improvement over their previous attempt at 2009-style “viral marketing,” for it is neither awful nor mendacious. It even features some actual acting ability.

The short film tells a story of a beautiful traveler Anna who comes to visit her Thai boyfriend, but their journey takes an appetizing yet sour turn.

Anna eats like a horse, to the point she is left in a food coma suffering “jawbone syndrome” from all the noodles, dumplings, fried meatballs, som tam, seafood… the list goes on.

“What a pity, she’s got a pretty face,” a restaurant owner and witness says. “But she eats like a starving ogre.”

It remains to be seen whether other local news outlets report it as a true story.

Meanwhile, let’s pray for Anna, Anna Conda.


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