Postlingual: Thai photo comments explained

Too lazy to type? In Thailand as elsewhere, the GIF has replaced the difficult task of expressing our thoughts with words.actual conversation. Like the timeless adage says: “An animated GIF is worth 140 characters.”

To express our complex human emotions without having to explain them, many netizens use the visual shorthand of images.

Of course here in Thailand, we’ve mined our own icons and pop culture for material.

Here are some of the most common with an attempt to demystify their meaning for the unenlightened.


“Amatuer. Good try, but still amatuer” – Chatchart Sittipunt, former transpo minister

After winning the Internet and our hearts last year, former Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt became one of the only popular politicians, likely due to his superpowers and modesty-cloaked manliness.

Although Chatchart isn’t known to have shamed anyone down with these words, it’s a good way to shut someone down online.


“It ain’t my business,” Rew Jitsampas, television psychic

Neighbor’s affair? Political issue? This one can be very useful when you don’t want to get involved.

The popular television “telepath” of Jitsampas fame, Rew sometimes makes it clear he’s not getting involved in something that might mess with someone’s fate and karma.


“Your father died!” – Nelson Howe from Bangkok First Time

If you want to curse someone in a cute, harmless sort of way, then turn to everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed farang.

Uncle Nelson became popular overnight when “Bangkok First Time” appeared earlier this year.”


“Suck to be you” – Note Udom, funnyman

Netizens find phrase very helpful when they want to avoid answering the question or even to treat someone with mockery.

The phrase originally came from the most famous comedian in Thailand Udom “Note” Taepanich when he was performing the talk show “Stand Up Comedy 10”, talking about the skytrain commuters who luckily got in the carrier just before the BTS doors shut.

“Sucks to be you” seemed to be the best word to express these straphangers’ feeling at that time, taunting the ill-fated commuters outside the train.



“I feel so amused” – Bomb Thanin

This could be a sarcastic way to say “not funny, but you never can be sure with Thanin “Bomb” Manoonsilp.

Sad, happy, angry or surprised, the lakorn actor keeps the same, very straight face no matter the scene.

Bomb’s memes were created for fun, flooding Facebook, as users sought to poke their friends with serious-but-funny expressions.


“Jane can feel something,” – Jane Yanthip, celebrity telepath

Something interesting is going on here, Jane can help you say.

Imagine saying this as you step into an abandoned house, before closing your eyes and speaking to some lonely souls trapped within.

Another self-proclaimed telepath, Jane rose to fame by claiming to have a sixth sense. “I feel something” is her stock exclamation, which gives some goosebumps.


“Yes!” – Pinyo Rootham, talent show judge

Completely unapologetic approval, often for such as boobs.

A couple years ago, Thailand’s Got Talent courted controversy when one a contestant went topless to paint a canvas with her boobs. Although the sole female judge wasn’t happy with the performance, the two male judges enthusiastically voted to send her into the next round of competition.


“Got some peas?” – Koh Tee, funnyperson

The ultimate in frustrating non sequiturs, this is for those moments you don’t have anything to say but don’t want to shut up.

Inspired by a Koh Tee sketch on comedy show Talok Hok Chak, this meme went popular with netizens, who use it to a generally annoying effect.

“Got some peas?”


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