Poop Pudding: Thai people go crazy for crap-shaped snack (PHOTOS)

Photo: Wilawan Dessert Shop/ Facebook
Photo: Wilawan Dessert Shop/ Facebook

A virally famous Thai dessert shop is back at it again with another weird creation.

Following last month’s slimy-looking, dog-shaped puppy pudding (which made international headlines last month for it’s remarkable similarity in appearance to a dog fetus), Wilaiwan Dessert Shop is back in the media spotlight with a poop-shaped pudding, made with coconut milk and a fruit syrup base.

“Hmm…It has a hint of coconut!”

Wilaiwan Mee-Nguen, 30, the woman behind the shop, posted on her business’s Facebook page, telling her customers to calm down because people have ordered a total of 56 poop puddings since they were announced yesterday.

“Calm down, customers. I never thought this would sell. I only have one mold for this,” she wrote.

The puddings come in a variety of colors, ranging from yellow to dark brown. Mmmmm…..

For the brave ones who wish to try this poopy pudding—or those who want to play a prank on their friends—these strange desserts are only THB25 each, plus delivery fee.

As usual, netizens are going nuts, but we think the whole thing’s kinda shitty.

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