Peace Sign? Narathiwat nurses face punishment for shocking tastelessness

It’s a common photographic gesture, usually made by young Thai women snapping casual pictures.

However a photo of nurses at Narathiwat Hospital doing that lame two-fingered kawai thing with the corpse of a man many consider a hero, Police Sub-Lt. Nimit Deewong, has drawn an outpouring of fury and condemnation online this afternoon, prompting the hospital to promise swift action against those responsible.

Nimit, a top bomb-disposal expert, was killed along with two other members of his team Monday night by a bomb which detonated while he was attempting to defuse another discovered earlier. Police suspect the first bomb was intended as a decoy to lure the officers to their deaths.

Most netizens questioned how these nurses could possible demonstrate such a lack of common sense to disrespect the dead.

“Believe me. They’re just gonna say they didn’t mean it and pretend to get all teared up. These people don’t possess morality to begin with,” said Alexz in a message posted to a Facebook page.

Narathiwat Hospital quickly issued an official letter apologizing for the incident and promising unspecified punishment for the staff shown in the photo, Sanook reported.

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3 thoughts on “Peace Sign? Narathiwat nurses face punishment for shocking tastelessness

  1. 'Unspecified punishment' – which mean nothing will happen. And they have masks on their faces anyway. Would anyone be bothered to check the duty roster to see who was in the morgue that day? I doubt it.

  2. Go to jail? What they did is horrible but to throw them in jail? What are you? A Nazi leader? Putin? Some mess in between?

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