Thai national park bans photos at most popular (and dangerous) pic location

A dangerous photo op popular with visitors. Photo: Youtube.
A dangerous photo op popular with visitors. Photo: Youtube.

Snapping an epic photo like the one above appears on the bucket list of many adventurous travelers coming to Thailand — but pictures at the lookout have now been banned.

A popular national park in Southern Thailand’s Krabi has banned tourists from shooting pictures after two visitors fell at the site and survived. Ngon Nak mountain top, inside the Phi Phi Islands National Park, offers a vantage point that allows a 360 degree view of the park and is, therefore, an extremely popular photo spot.

Park officials said the spot is too dangerous for people paying more attention to photos than safety and could leave the shooters at risk for falling off the precipice, reported Thai PBS.

The view from the now-closed lookout. Photo: Tripadvisor

According to Manager, “The national park put up a sign to prevent tourists from entering the cliff area to take selfies.” The sign is accompanied by a wooden barricade and a warning that tourists should not leave the restricted area. Park workers will also be watching the spot.

Visitors are now blocked from the lookout.

The trail to the popular mountain top lookout is almost four kilometers long and very steep, with the lookout being 500 meters above sea level. The view from the top also often holds early morning fog patches that tourists love to photograph.

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