Obama, US officials react to HM the King’s passing

U.S. President Barack Obama reacted today to the sad news that Thailand’s king passed away. In a touching tribute, he called HM King Bhumibol a close friend and partner of the United States.

Obama went on to praise the King as a “tireless champion” who spent his life working for the good of Thailand and the nation’s advancement.

Obama and HM the King met during a visit to Thailand by the US President in 2012. He said of that visit that the King was a warm person who was full of affection and compassion for his people, reported Bangkok Post.

“His Majesty the King was a close friend of the United States and a valued partner of many US presidents,” Obama said.

Glyn Davies, the US Ambassador to Thailand, offered his heartfelt condolences via email. He said, “His Majesty lived a long and glorious life. Americans celebrate him because he personified the close connection between our two nations and peoples.  We remember his remarkable compassion and generosity to those in need – in Thailand and around the world – including personal donations to Americans affected by natural disasters.”

“We fondly recall King Bhumibol’s love for jazz, a musical genre born, like His Majesty himself, in America, but which he made his own, bringing joy to millions. We are inspired by His Majesty’s innovative spirit as an inventor and progenitor of Royal Projects. Above all, we admire his tireless devotion to the Thai people.”  

“This beautiful and unique land is touched today by a great and profound loss.”

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry also added his thoughts on this somber day.

For over 70 years, His Majesty led Thailand with integrity and compassion, always mindful of the needs and aspirations of the Thai people.”

“His Majesty the King was one of America’s most valued and trusted friends, and was the only monarch in history ever born in our country. The Bhumibol Adulyadej Square in the city of Cambridge, in my home state of Massachusetts, marks his birthplace and will remain an enduring memorial to the special bond he created between our peoples. He will be long remembered and will be deeply missed.”

HM the King will be long remembered and greatly missed all over the world.


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