Nosedive: Asian airlines make less than $5 profit per ticket

Photo: David McKelvey/Flickr

Recent data about the profitability of Asia Pacific airlines reveals that the region’s carriers make less than USD5 (THB170) profit per ticket.

According to industry travel publication Travel Daily Media, analyzing data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the actual average profit per ticket is anticipated to be just USD4.44 (THB151).

They didn’t always make so little per passenger, but due to falling net profits, the rate made on each ticket has also dropped.

While you may notice increased customer demand for flights, Asia Pacific airlines still stand to make USD700 million (THB23.8 million) less than last year due to rising fuel, labor, and maintenance costs.

And airlines around the world aren’t faring much better. The global average profit per ticket is only USD7.69 (THB262) per passenger. Last year it was USD9.13 (THB311), and USD10.08 (THB343) in 2015.

North American carriers make the most profit per passenger at USD16.32 (THB556) per person. Middle Eastern airlines, which are some of the most luxurious in the world, make the least   just USD1.78 (THB61) per passenger.


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