Nightmare Nest: Power cables catch fire as heavy rain falls (PHOTOS)

Some amazingly tangled overhead cables caught fire in Phuket yesterday morning — an incident anyone would expect after seeing Thailand’s poor cabling system.

Thailand’s hideous cable art could probably be a tourist attraction on its own — even Bill Gates has posted about it on Facebook. However, Phuket residents could not laugh at the shocking cables when they had to deploy firefighters to put out the fire at 10am yesterday

The cables that caught fire are located in front of the Muang Mai building on Thepkasattri Road. Officials took 30 minutes to control the flames.

“The fire damaged the pylon and several electrical and communications cables. The area where the fire started was very close to high-voltage power lines,” one worker said

Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority (PPEA) are investigating, but they believe that a high-voltage power line broke and came into contact with the electrical and communication cables below, which caused a spark and the fire. All the cables being wet from the rain may have been a factor.

Rescue workers were also called to put another electrical cable fire earlier yesterday, in front of a tire store on the bypass road.

“That fire broke out at about 1am. We also responded to that fire, which took us more than 30 minutes to put out,” the rescue worker said.

Impressed? Here’s a photo complication of Bangkok’s wonderful cable art.


Story: The Phuket News


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