Bangkok gangs danced ‘Gangnam Style’ before Ekkamai gun battle, report claims

The gangs involved in today’s gun battle in Bangkok’s Ekkamai neighborhood provoked each other at a restaurant the night before – by dancing the “horse dance” from PSY’s massive K-Pop hit “Gangnam Style”, local news website INN is reporting.

A member of the “Nuanchit” gang that came under a hail of at least 50 bullets this morning told the site that his gang knew their would-be killers well.

The two groups had a history of fighting, often bumping into each other in local restaurants and nightclubs, he said.

Last night both the Nuanchit gang and their rivals, from the Rong Poon community in Makkasan, were eating and drinking in the Ruean Thale restaurant in the Phet Phra Ram area of Huai Khwang.

According to INN, “the younger members of both groups danced provocatively at each other in the manner of top hit ‘Gangnam Style’.”

Unlike PSY’s comedy-techno hit, this time the “horse dance” was no laughing matter, and the two gangs started arguing.

However, the teenagers eventually calmed down and “cleared the problem” at the restaurant.

Thinking the trouble was over, the Nuanchit gang then went to Ekkamai Soi 30 to continue drinking – until 8.30am, when the Rong Poon community group struck.

The attackers fired at least 50 bullets from an 11mm gun and carbine rifle – miraculously failing to hit their targets.

Not so lucky were the owners of several motorbikes and cars who filed police complaints at Khlong Tan Station today after their vehicles were hit by bullets.

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