New public school director removed from post for wearing red dress

A newly appointed public school director was removed from her post yesterday after she sparked a protest in the Southern province of Ranong for simply wearing a red dress on her first day at work, as Thailand is still mourning for the passing of their late king.

Panadda Chantawong wore a red silk dress to her welcome party on Saturday because she believed that the color would bring her good luck in her new job at Ratprachanukror 38 School, but she was completely wrong. Her dress color immediately sparked outrage among the local people.

Government officers are expected to don mourning clothes for a year and that includes school officials. Despite wearing red, Panadda wore a black ribbon badge on her dress, and she changed into a black dress soon after the ceremony, Matichon reported.


Although she apologized, the people of Ranong were not pleased. Many felt that the color was inappropriate in the mourning period. A group of angry villagers gathered in front of the school and demanded that she leave.

The Basic Education Commission yesterday transfered Panadda to work at the commission’s office. The mob then agreed to disband.

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