Movie fans agree, ‘Chinese-looking daughter’ could be one of the worst ever

It’s the movie everyone is talking about, but no one wants to see.

“Chinese-looking Daughter Dances ‘til the World Ends,” or more succinctly Muay Jin Din Kong Lok, has only been in theaters for a week, but it’s already become famous as possibly the least profitable Thai film ever made in the last decade.

After one week on 15 screens, apparently the VIP Entertainment film is such a bomb only 200 people have seen it, according to the wise sages of “I Love Movie” on Facebook, taking in THB29,000 in sales.

However, the film’s beginning to get some buzz just because of its embarrassing failure, with people sharing it online to celebrate it’s total lack of cool, popularity and (thankfully) chance of a sequel.

A coming-of-age comedy, the story of “Chinese-looking Daughter Dances ‘til the World Ends” examines the difficult relationships … haha just kidding. Check out the trailer for this turkey here:

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