Mother enraged after daughter drank cockroach-filled tea from CoCo

A mother shared photos of a cockroach-filled bubble tea from CoCo Tea, a famous Taiwanese franchise beverage chain, after her teen daughter had almost slurped up the entire glass of cockroach-flavored tea.

Yet another story of consumers getting a little more than what is expected in their food. This time, one bubble tea came with six little legs and two wings.

Facebook user Kacharmart Peetiya posted snapshots and a video showing a nearly empty glass of bubble tea, and a cockroach soaking in the glass. She said she bought the tea for her daughter from Coco Tea at Platinum Fashion Mall.

“Share this to warn other to examine before you eat, or you might find this too.” She said in the first draft of description.

“What can I do about this? This is not ok.” She asked, and tagged the official Coco Tea page.

She later added to the description that the Coco Tea’s company executive has contacted her to apologize and offer a compensation. They said that bubble jellys are made every three hours, and they are stored in a closed container.

The company said footage from CCTV has confirmed that the boba container remained closed when it is not used, so the cockroach must have climbed into the glass just before it was sealed by an employee.

Kacharmart advised that everyone should shake and check their glasses to see if anything float to the top. She suggested that shop should take hygiene as a serious matter.

However, Kacharmart also expressed her dissatisfaction with the first response from the Coco Tea Facebook page when their first response was to ask her if the glass was sealed properly, instead of asking if her daughter was alright. She took it as the company cared more about their product than their customers.

“Customers would not put a cockroach in the glass. I am not your business rival to discredit you. This brand was my personal favorite because of the delicous, gummy bubbles. So I chose this over another shop that my little girl wanted. Now she blamed me for making her drinking a cockroach tea. I’ve lost my confidence now, I probably won’t choose a restaurant for her anymore,” she said in the edited description.

You heard it folks, don’t forget to shake this beloved sugary goodness, just so you don’t find a bug in there.

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