Missing crocs ‘Nadia’ and ‘Giant’ found swimming in flood

The two big crocodiles that escaped from a Nakhon Si Thammarat zoo in last week’s flood were found and returned to their home at Muang District’s Toong Lat Zoo on Saturday.

This news brings much relief to residents of the area, except perhaps to the group that ate an escapee croc last week. They might have been hoping to find these two crocs and have another feast.

The two crocs, named Nadia and Ai Yak, which translates to Giant, were found by animal rescuers.  

The rescuers descended on Tha Pae Canal’s Paekarn Pier on Saturday after getting reports that a large croc was swimming nearby, reported Bangkok Post.

The team found and captured the swimming reptile using an electric lasso that gives an animal a small shock in order to allow them to capture it.

The croc they caught was Ai Yak. They later found Nadia inside the flooded zoo.

Both crocodiles have been returned to their areas of the zoo while rescuers continue to try to find and other crocs that have escaped from private zoos and farms.

At least two escaped crocodiles were eaten by locals last week.


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