Man sells cow-patterned crayfish for 1 million baht

A crayfish breeder in Nakhon Prathom sold his rare-colored ghost crayfish for the staggering price of THB1 million yesterday.

Kanokpoom Siriwat, 28, owner of crayfish farm “Toh Baan Pa Crayfish,” finally sold “Khun Chang,” a six-month-old crayfish with a cow-like pattern, after the buyer talked him into the sale over three months of negotiations. Apparently, the little guy had become one of his favorite pets.

The buyer is Pratan Liangpanich, a 40-year-old businessman from Nakhon Pathom. Pratan said he had offered Kanokpoom hundreds of thousands of baht for the crayfish, but they finally settled on THB1 million, according to Thairath.

Khun Chang is a Procambarus Clarkii Ghost crayfish, a popular breed among crayfish lovers in Thailand for their beautiful colors and patterns. Many people have tried to buy Khun Chang before Pratan, but Kanokpoom was quite resistant to selling his precious crayfish.

Kanokpoom also added a female Procambarus Clarkli and 300 babies to the package, which delighted Pratan, who said each baby cray can be sold for THB2,500 each. So, if he sold all of the babies, he could make back THB750,000.

Photo: Kanokpoom Siriwat/Facebook
Sida, the female breeder


THB2,500 babies

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