Low-cost Cosplay: Meet Sine, the internet’s hottest parody queen (PHOTOS)

Seriously, we gotta give it to this girl.

Sine, the young owner of an online plus-size clothing shop, broke the internet overnight after sharing a hilarious photo of a “prawn cracker dress”, her low-cost parody of actress Chompoo Araya’s red carpet look at Cannes Film Festival.

Benjaphorn “Sine” Jessadakarn from Ratchaburi, who started cosplaying to promote her shop, said she never thought her photo would receive that much attention as it appeared on national television today, including Morning News, the high-rating news show.

“I’m shocked. I never thought this many people would share my photo. And I’m on every news channel,” Sine told Coconuts.

Her dress is made out of prawn crackers her mother sells, she said.

“When I saw Chompoo’s dress, I immediately thought of my mom’s crackers,” Sine said when asked how the hell she came up with the idea.

But this is not the first time Sine has joined the low-cost cosplay realm (officially made “a thing” by Anucha), Sine has managed to go viral several times as she started out by creating a parody of Chloe Moretz’ casual look a few months ago, followed by the famous ladyboy Poy Treechada’s red carpet look and even Claire Danes’ glow-in-the-dark dress at the Met Gala.

“I just put the clothes in my shop together to imitate the celebrities. My friends and family think it’s funny. They asked me: ‘How did you even think of that?!’”


Photos: Sine Banjaphorn

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