Lottery loser redecorates home with his shame

What would do you if you wasted more than THB4 million on lottery tickets that yielded less than 10 percent? Burn them all, craft a paper mache idol or reuse them as coasters?

One Pathum Thani man decided to assemble them into a mural of his shame to remind himself never to make a bet again.

Pipop Panyaem, deputy mayor of the Khlong Luang district and father of two, had been testing his luck since 1999, spending more than THB10,000 per purchase, according to Sanook.

In 13 years, Pipop estimates having spent more than THB4 million to win less than THB400,000.

Pipop’s daughters finally convinced him to stop in 2012, but for some reason he’d saved all those tickets. What to do with those reminders of his misfortune? Keep them in plain sight as reminders of his misfortune.

He’s still decorating his walls with the losing tickets and expects to finish soon.

Photos: Sanook

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