Lonely? Now you can rent a Facebook relationship status and a boyfriend to like all your photos

Do you have friends and family members whose only purpose in life seems to be asking you about your relationship status, but it’s impossible to find the right guy or girl? Well, now you can rent a relationship status, along with a social media boyfriend, because everything is possible if you go deep enough into the internet.

Found on the freelance work website, Fastwork, there are freelancers available that can be rented out as a temporary boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook. For one particular rented boyfriend, named “Peerawit,” you can also meet him in person.

According to the details written on the job description page, he can be hired to be your Facebook-official lover for a week and will change his status to be “in a relationship” with you.

The job details read:

“You can hire me to be your boyfriend on Facebook for a week. During that time, we’ll change our relationship status to show each other, I will ‘like’ your posts and pictures and go around leaving sugar-coated comments that will leave your friends burning with jealousy. You can request what it is you want me to write, as well as limit how many ‘likes’ you want.”

He’ll only “like” and comment from 10am to 10pm though, because your “boyfriend” needs his beauty sleep too.

The packages available start out small, like renting a relationship status and a social media boyfriend for a week, starting at THB250.

He will “like,” text, tweet and send you stickers, asking you about things that your friends don’t care to know about —  like how your day has been. You can finally get rid of that “single” relationship status that has been haunting your Facebook page forever.

Here’s a review from one of the professional Romeo’s ex-“girlfriends”:

“The experience I received was really good. My pictures and posts were liked and there were cute comments for others to see. Thank you very much. I’ll come back again when I’m lonely.”

Let this man be that boyfriend you told your friends about but who was always “too busy” to come hang out with you. Why couldn’t your friends just accept that he was always away on a “business trip?”

That’s where the extra options come in with this bespoke boyfriend service. For an extra THB100, you can send him a picture of yourself for him to photoshop himself into. Now you’ll have that one couple’s photo to show for that date that totally happened — just pray that the crop lines aren’t too noticeable.

For those willing to spend THB2,500, you can meet your “boyfriend” face to face for a series of magical dates in Bangkok where you can hang out, bond, and take some pictures together.

The package lasts for 3 days, and each “date” will last for 4 hours. If you have a tight schedule, you two can always just “take a few pictures together and then go [your] own separate ways” as he romantically describes it.   

Take him out and show him off to your doubting friends and family. While simple physical contact like holding hands is permitted on your dates. Any kind of sexual activities are off-limits. He is only there to provide friendly companionship, so no funny business.

So, is it worth it? While we know a girl can get a happy ending massage that costs THB500 less than going on a date with a hired boyfriend, there was nothing happy about it. This might end on a higher note.

For anyone interested, you can rent a girlfriend as well, but the most you can get out of it is a video call.

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