In latest video, My Mate Nate tortures animal instead of making fun of Thai people

My Mate Nate, the questionable YouTube star who was once the most hated farang on the Thai internet, is back at it again with a new cringeworthy video. This time, instead of making fun of Thai people’s English skills, he’s torturing animals.


In a follow-up to his unpopular video where he asked Thai men if they had their periods in order to prove that they can’t speak English, Nate Bartling, the former American missionary, appears with two Thai men and a large fish.

He identifies one of the men as his father-in-law, which we guess means that someone married this poor excuse for a human.

In the video, he takes a snakehead fish and plunges it into a bucket of liquid nitrogen. The fish becomes frozen solid. After that, he puts it back in water. It thaws out and then it flops onto the floor, writhing. He and his co-sociopaths laugh at this “miracle fish that came back to life” after they cruelly tortured it.

While many commented that fish do not have the neuro-physiological capacity to feel pain, others wrote that it is not an excuse for the internet star to torture a fish for fun.

The video has been viewed more than 1.8 million times. While it has positive ratings due to his fans who say they “eat fish,” Bartling has also pissed off animal lovers as well as Buddhists, who commented that his actions are “sinful.”

Others wondered if he could finally be punished for his offensive videos since Thailand has strict animal cruelty laws.  

Many viewers seemed to agree that this guy has still not learned his lesson, despite his tearful apology video last year, about what is and isn’t okay to record and share.

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