Ladyboy net idol apologizes on TV for wearing ‘inappropriate’ costume to Shwedagon Pagoda

A transgender internet idol apologized on Bright TV channel today after she upset Myanmar netizens for wearing a flamboyant costume during a visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, the most sacred place for Buddhists in that country.

Nisamanee “Nutt” Lertvorapong, who was wearing the costume for a personal vacation photoshoot, said she has learned her lesson when it comes to fashion choices at holy sites and that she did not intend to offend anyone with her costume, which some viewed as disrespectful.

“I’m so sorry. I admit I did expose my shoulders in some poses, but at that moment I was so excited by the beauty [of the pagoda]. The burmese people even asked to take photos with me, so I didn’t think it would be big deal. That was my mistake,” she said on Bright TV.

One photo of Nisamanee which was reportedly snapped by a Myanmar local shows the internet personality exposing her leg as she rests on the steps and talks on the phone.

Facebook user Nwe Ni Win Kyaw commented: “Do you think your dress is a proper dress for our Shwedagon pagoda? Didn’t you know that you are not allowed to wear in the compound of Shwedagon? You should have covered your knees and shoulders. What a horrible dress! Pay respect to our Buddha, traditions, our rules and regulations (sic).”

Nisamanee explained that she was exhausted after she spent an hour taking photos with Myanmar locals.

“At 7pm, it was so crowded, and the locals swarmed at me, asking for photos. The tourist police had to step in to form a queue. An hour later, I couldn’t take the weight of the headdress anymore,” Nisamanee said.

“I admit I wasn’t careful at all times. I was sitting in the corner because I was really tired, and I thought no one would see me. The skirt was long and thick, so I opened it up to let the air in. I didn’t think someone would take a photo,” she said.

Nisamanee said she was stopped by Burmese people asking for selfies as she made her way down from the pagoda, but the next morning, the photo of her resting was all over social media with negative comments from the locals.

“I’m so sorry that I didn’t know about the cultural differences. I’ve learned my lesson — some dresses that I don’t find revealing, other people might. I admit I’ve made a mistake for not thinking this through,” she said.

On her Facebook page, Nisamanee “Nutt” Lertvorapong labels herself as a “cosmetic surgery consultant”. She is famous online as a beauty and fashion trendsetter and has over 800,000 Facebook followers. 

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