Idiot ruins Loy Krathong spirit by stealing cash from people’s floats (VIDEO)

These poor people in the video who celebrated Loy Krathong last night had to watch their hopes and dreams being crushed (and bad luck restored to their souls) after a careless thief raided their krathong for money.

A video of a man wearing a flashlight hat and casually knocking down people’s krathong to steal money right in front of their eyes went viral today.

“This is his part-time job? He knocked down my flowers,” someone said in the video.

“He has just ruined people’s dreams and beliefs!” another narrated.


คืออะไรหรอคะ..?ประเพณีลอยกระทงของไทย Pacharaphan Wisetsing Cl Chlorine Nattapat Sornjumpa Aimusa Arsu

Posted by IceLing Rawisara on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Netizens expressed their condolences to the people in the video. Thieves stealing money from krathong? Fine, but at least have some manners and wait until their krathong have floated far enough for the Goddess of Water to receive their prayers.

Thais commonly put coins or small cash in their krathong in the belief it will drive away bad luck. Some put in scraps of their hair and nails to float away their troubles, which might be a better idea if someone is waiting two meters away to take your money.

People have been celebrating the festival since the weekend, but today is the official Loy Krathong night. Check our list of the places to loy your krathong in Bangkok.


Local romance: 5 top places to celebrate Loy Krathong in Bangkok

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