Goodbye breeze, hello haze: Bangkok hails return of toxic smog

Foul air cloaks Bangkok on Wednesday morning. Photo: @Maimiiname / Twitter
Foul air cloaks Bangkok on Wednesday morning. Photo: @Maimiiname / Twitter

The recent cool snap may have convinced you that the days of hazardous, fine-particulate smog cloaking the capital were long over. That people could freely roam outside unmasked and unafraid.

But one look at the sky this morning belies that scenario, as green-brown haze has returned to Bangkok.

Air quality reached an “unhealthy” score of 151, according to AirVisual. That means there is an increased likelihood of adverse effects including aggravation to the heart and lungs. Everyone is advised to avoid prolonged outdoor exercise and wear protective N95-standard masks when outside. Inside, air purifiers should be turned on.   

Data: AirVisual
Data: AirVisual

The smog is expected to persist this week with air quality hovering between “unhealthy” and “unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” levels. Pollution isn’t predicted to fall back to wonderfully “moderate” level again until next Tuesday.

Many people have taken to social media to vent about the return of the smog.

“Once the chilly breeze passed, the dust is back. It’s dusty and smoggy in Bangkok again. I can’t even see buildings near the next station,” @Miracle_Life tweeted around 9:30am today along with pictures of the smoggy skyline from an unidentified BTS Skytrain station.

“Today in Bangkok, there is a lot of dust. It is so thick that I can’t see tall buildings from afar,” @Boupamadoo tweeted around 8am.

Some netizens took the opportunity to get political.

“Fine PM2.5 dust is back. So to conclude our prime minister is dumb. He didn’t truly fix the problem right?” RasanK3 tweeted around 7am.

So stay safe, this week lovely readers and keep those masks on!


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