Golden Retriever becomes social media pariah after licking 7-Eleven snacks

A social media report about a dog that sniffed and licked food in a Bangkok 7-Eleven has gotten netizens foaming at the mouth.

The story, titled “I will never buy anything from bottom shelves at 7-Eleven again,” was posted on Pantip by the person who took photos of the dog in the shop and has been shared over 10,000 times in the last few days.

The 7-Eleven in question is in Sathorn and the person that posted the story said that the owner let the big, yellow dog smell and lick food in low, open coolers including milk, yogurt, eggs and sausages.

The poster also reported that the dog’s tail was wagging like crazy, knocking over items near the floor and was, “like a windscreen wiper at full speed.”

Well, of course. Can you imagine how excited this dog probably was to be around so many yummy snacks?

The poster, however, was grossed out and asked a staff member if dogs were allowed in the store. The dog owner didn’t react.

Online, the poster said that they thought that dogs should be banned from food shops and are unhygienic.

The poster went on to say that the female dog owner had a male friend waiting for her outside the 7-Eleven and that she should have left the dog with him while she shopped.

The commenters agreed and condemned the dog’s owner for being irresponsible.

It’s been reported that the dog owner contacted the 7-Eleven and apologized after she saw the story online.

For their part, the Sathorn-area 7-Eleven said that all the licked items were thrown out and the store cleaned.

Sounds like Thai people are okay when stray dogs, cats or even a mule occupy 7-Eleven peacefully, but when it’s a spoiled pet dog licking all the products, it’s a big no-no.



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