Giraffe condemned to Thai zoo did a runner and now no one can find it

The authorities today are searching for one of two African fugitives attempting to escape captivity that was described as an unusually tall vegetarian measuring 7 meters in height.

Volunteers, zoo workers and national park officials today are looking for a giraffe who escaped from the truck that was taking it to a new zoo opening in Prachinburi province. A second giraffe that attempted to escape that miserable fate was quickly recaptured.

Update: Giraffe who fled Thai zoo fate has been found. Dead and drowned in a pond. 

Motorists were freaking Tuesday afternoon at the Bang Khla intersection when they spotted the two long-necked, yellow-spotted creatures sauntering off the large truck and into the road. The animals temporarily slowed Highway 304.

The giraffes – one towering 4 meters and the other 7 meters – were being carried in an enclosed truck from Suvarnabhumi Airport and to Prachinburi’s Si Maha Phot district, where a zoo is set to open. It was when the truck stopped at the intersection that driver Monthon Mongpetch looked in his rear-view mirror and saw the two giraffes make a break for it.

They managed to take down the smaller giraffe with an anesthetized dart. But the larger animal somehow evaded capture and can’t be found despite a search on foot and by drone.

Keep running, you wild beautiful thing. 

 The smaller giraffe was spotted and caught Tuesday night. Photo: Volunteers Firefighters in Eastern Region / Facebook
The smaller giraffe was spotted and caught Tuesday night. Photo: Volunteers Firefighters in Eastern Region / Facebook


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