Franchise bookstore hiring elderly staff because they actually love books

Photo: SE-ED

In the age of Kindle and digital content, SE-ED, a franchise Thai bookstore, has called for staff over 60 years old, because who appreciates the feel of actual books more than old-school folks?

In an announcement on the company’s Facebook page yesterday, SE-ED revealed that it has recruited elderly staff in a trial project and found out that the seniors were more interested in the job, more responsible and more passionate about recommending great books to customers.

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Posted by SE-ED Book Center on Tuesday, 21 March 2017

As a result, the company is looking for more candidates over the age of 60 with passion and a love for books to work in their shops.

It quoted a senior staff member in the trial program, “Some people think that a job at a book shop is just a job, but for me, it’s a job that I want to go to every day because it gives me a reason to live and the ability to support myself.”

The company also said their customers appreciate staff with lifelong experience.

As Thailand is becoming an aging society, SE-ED pointed out that many retirees still prefer to work and need income.

The company said that society should give them jobs suitable to their ages — jobs that allow them to share their life lessons.

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