Forget snoozing soi dogs, this 7-Eleven has its own mule

In addition to buying delicious, chemical-filled processed foods to stuff your gut with, another highlight of any trip to your favorite 7-Eleven is checking out the snoozy store dogs enjoying the AC as it wafts out the door. But this branch in Uthai Thani has taken store animal culture to the next level.

Photos of a creature that looks like a mule hanging out in front of a 7-Eleven near the province’s bus terminal went viral over the weekend, prompting netizens to come up with theories of what kind of four-legged dude this is.

While some people think it’s a horse, whose owner probably rode to 7-Eleven to buy a Slurpee, the most convincing theories came from Uthai Thani locals, who pointed out that stray mules and donkeys are super freaking common there.

“Horses, donkeys and mules are commonly found walking and sleeping on the streets here,” commented Facebook user PiWee Piwee, who lives in Uthai Thani.

“They literally sleep in the middle of the road. I see them all the time, standing still like statues. You occasionally see them in front of this 7-Eleven. There are many of them, not only this one.”

To support PiWee PiWee’s claim, another user said he has encountered the same mule before on the street.

“Must be the same guy! I’ve seen you before!” Nattayos Riewpitak wrote.

Following the mule, someone even did a roundup on 7-Eleven pets to keep the records straight.

Just one more photo of a 7-Eleven buffalo, and we’ll be able to put our phone down.


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