Doomsday warning: ‘Nostradamus’ predicts apocalypse after Bangkok’s fireball

From an earthquake to an incurable disease, Thailand’s self-proclaimed Nostradamus has said the pretty fireball seen in the sky above Bangkok yesterday was actually a very, very bad sign.

Celebrity fortune teller Sorajja Nualyoo said today the fireball is a sign that doomsday will soon be upon us because it is rare for an asteroid to fall from outer space.

Sorajja claims that Saturn, Uranus and the solar eclipse currently forming a triangle in the sky is a bad omen and the fireball falling from the sky is somehow linked to this. These unfortunate events mean Thailand will suffer from drought, an earthquake, a declining economy, and political conflicts from September to October.

If that wasn’t enough. Sorajja added that there will also be a new disease, and if we can’t find a cure for it in time, the new virus will potentially wipe out the population of the entire country, Thairath and Daily News reported.

Wow. Whoever made a dragonball joke yesterday, do you think this is funny now?

Meanwhile, Dr. Saran Posajinda, deputy director of National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, said it was only a small asteroid and it didn’t cause any harm.


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