Crocodile on the loose? Flooded residents say no problem, we’ll eat it

When rumors spread that there were crocodiles on the loose in flooded Nakhon Sri Thammarat province, residents made the most of the situation by simply killing and eating the one beast they encountered over the weekend.  

Instead of going into panic mode, the southern folks made a medium-sized croc their dinner. One guy was light-hearted enough to pose with the croc’s remains and point to the carcass for anyone looking at the photo that didn’t notice that it was dominated by a dead crocodile that people had eaten.

The photo above was posted by an officer from the Provincial Administrative Organization with the caption: “So they made a curry out of it.”

Although uncommon, crocodile meat is consumed in Thailand. Due to the strong smell of the meat, locals prefer to cook it with curry paste to add a strong flavor.

More photos of the croc also circulated online. Yikes.

Photos: Nukul Prachanakarn

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