Couch Cobra: Lady loses it when she realizes she’s lying on top of snake

Photo: Sanook
Photo: Sanook

During family time in front of the television, a Thai woman freaked out when she realized she was lying on top of a cobra, who was hidden in her living room couch last night.

Kalayaporn Kaoplod, 48, said she was sitting on the sofa watching TV with her family at their Phetchaburi home yesterday. As she lay down, she felt something soft at her neck, moving under the blanket that covered the couch. She got up, removed the blanket, and lost it when she found out it was a meter-long cobra.

Luckily, the lady was not bitten.

Kalayaporn said her family called Wangpong Ruamchai rescue volunteers, who caught the serpent within 20 minutes and released it back to the wild, Sanook reported.

After several reports of people finding snakes in their toilets, this was the first case of a snake on the couch. Still, watch our video of snake expert Vern Lovic explaining the snake in toilet epidemic.


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